Marketing straight talk about America’s most adaptable generation

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Why disruptive? Because it takes daring to step out of the group-think box.

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Conventional wisdom claims that, except for healthcare and high ticket categories, consumers are too rigid to adopt new buying patterns or brand loyalties after 50.

So, mainstream brand advertising rarely features or targets older Americans – a costly and shortsighted strategy.

In reality, Boomers are America’s most adaptable generation. After decades immersed in incredible change, continuous evolution is hardwired into their DNA.

Why 15th Nation?

In 2015, as 4 million Gen Xers turn 50, there are 93 million Americans in the Boomer-Plus Generation™. Born 1940-1965, these are people who inherited, molded and uniquely experienced Boomer-world for themselves.

As a country this would be the 15th most populous on the planet – the 15th Nation. And as owners of more than 70% of U.S. household net worth, it would be a larger, more affluent market than Germany or France or the UK or Canada and Australia combined. In fact, only the U.S. as a whole and China represent richer marketplaces.

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