America’s Wealthiest and Most Adaptable Generation

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, 15th Nation™ is the blog of Boomers for Boomers (B4B), a unique network of consultants and market researchers – all members of the Boomer-Plus™ Generation, born 1940-1964. 

We focus on disruptive and innovative marketers. Why disruptive? Because it requires daring to step out of the box of conventional thinking.

Be different FINALMarketing dogma assumes, except for age-related products and services, mainstream brands do not need to target consumers over 50. Apparently, we Boomers are too inflexible to adopt new buying patterns.

This is plain wrong. Boomers are America’s most adaptable generation, with lifelong evolution and flexibility built into our DNA.

In 2014, when the youngest Boomers turn 50, the Boomer-Plus Generation will be 91 million strong. If we were a nation we would be the 15th most populous on the planet.

Furthermore, we own two-thirds of US household personal net worth – around $50 trillion in 2014. That’s more buying power than the GDP of the entire European Union plus the combined economic output of China, India, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Canada and Australia (CIA World Factbook.)

The free 15th Nation blog opens the portal to this immensely profitable world for marketers with enough curiosity to enter.

15th Nation opportunity

Sign up today and start the journey into Boomer-world where visionaries escape the old orthodoxy that consumer attitudes and brand loyalties are fixed after age 50.

  • Receive the latest on trend Boomer news, links, data and idea starters.
  • Push beyond the simplistic caricatures and frozen thinking that separates mainstream marketers from the enormous buying power of the Boomer-Plus Generation.
  • Get the hidden stories of how American Boomer adaptability impacted, still impacts and will continue to impact virtually every product and service category.
  • Unleash your own disruptive creativity to boost profits and brand share.

For market research projects, contact Boomers for Boomers and learn how we can help you to have more profitable conversations with the 91 million members of the 15th Nation.

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